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It’s no surprise that Wellendorff connoisseurs consider it the world's “most vibrant ring”: with each spin of the three inner rings, the ENDLESS OCEAN ring transforms into the tossing waves of the ocean – dynamic, wild and free. Sparkling diamonds flow around the wearer’s finger while small mosaics in five shades of blue remind her that after every dark storm on the high seas comes a calm, sunny day where the water glitters peacefully in light shades of blue.

The highest quality goldsmithing

The highly polished base layer in the cold-enamel planes reflects light like a crystal, allowing the ring’s colours to shine from within. This requires the highest precision and perfection as the edges of each mosaic measure just 2.3 mm. A small engraved heart, symbolising hope of a life filled with love, is discreetly concealed in the navy blue mosaic field, surprising the beholder. The hand-set diamonds add to the effect as a perfect complement to the coloured squares while an additional row of diamonds at the centre of the spinning ring sparkles like the surface of the ocean in the sun. With its contemporary and yet timeless look, the ENDLESS OCEAN ring is perfect for any occasion – whether for everyday wear or a special celebration. It also goes nicely with all other colours, looking especially beautiful with black or white.

Perfection down to the very last detail

18-karat white gold
Wellendorff-cold enamel:
Blue tones
Black tones
0,811 ct
Ring width:
10 mm
Special features:
Ring is rotatable
Guardian angel engraving
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