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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Inspired by the words of Leonardo Da Vinci, the new MAGIC BAGUETTE ring makes a magical (under)statement. Flawless baguette-cut diamonds are hand-picked and meticulously set by the most experienced jewel setters. Precision, perfection and attention to detail make the highly complicated manufacturing process of the spinning MAGIC BAGUETTE ring seem so simple.

The highest quality goldsmithing

The rectangular-shaped baguette-cut diamonds with a large table are a sign of the utmost quality and perfection. What makes them so captivating is not so much their brilliance as their clarity and purity, where even the smallest impurities or inclusions in the stones can be unforgivable. When setting baguette diamonds side by side in the channel setting, it is particularly important to ensure that each diamond is set in exactly the same way as the one next to it. To do this, the jewel setter must take into account the condition of each stone and make five to eight decisions per diamond regarding the angle, position of the stone, pressure, surrounding material and fit. Only a flawlessly positioned diamond can reflect the light perfectly and only an exactly symmetrical arrangement of the individual stones gives the ring its impeccably pure look.

Perfection down to the very last detail


18-karat white gold
Wellendorff-cold enamel:
No cold enamel
2,59 ct
Ring width:
7,0 mm
Special features:
Ring is rotatable
Guardian angel engraving
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