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A versatile companion
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Thanks to the unique transformative ability of our amulets, earrings and bracelets, these items of jewellery become ideal companions for every occasion. Jewellery to suit both the small and the large events of everyday life.

Multi-faceted Elegance

Up to nine different combinations in one piece of jewellery allow these elaborate creations to mirror the personality of the wearer and reassure her that she has the right piece for every occasion. By adding, removing or reversing individual parts, different looks can be created according to the occasion, style and the wearer's mood.

Wide range of possibilities

Our amulets can be worn in many ways, and diamond-set rondels can be added to the Wellendorff rope, enhancing the sparkle of your necklace. The secret of Wellendorff earrings lies in the fact they can go with any style: casual or bold; classic or modern; elegant or fun-loving.

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