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Trademark for the Highest Quality
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The Secret of the Diamond W

The Diamond W, the Wellendorff trademark, signs each individual item of jewellery and vouches for the highest level of quality and extraordinary creativity. A full-cut diamond set in 18-karat gold turns it into an exclusive trademark. 

A sign of the utmost precision

Hanspeter Wellendorff put in place his vision to sign each individual piece of jewellery and place the Diamond W on it. In 1970, he established Wellendorff as a brand, and introduced the Diamond W shortly after that. Since then, all pieces have been adorned with it, symbolising the company's commitment to the highest level of quality, precision and craftsmanship – and representing Genuine Values. Tested and checked, the "Diamond W" guarantees quality that will last for generations.

Wellendorff - Genuine Values