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Adherence to Ethical Standards
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Origin of the Diamonds

Wellendorff checks each diamond: not just for size, cut, purity and colour − but to ensure that it is conflict-free in origin.

Wellendorff – Diamonds

Wellendorff has been working with selected stone experts for several generations who select diamonds that are guaranteed to be from conflict-free mining regions. This means that for each diamond, we have an official certificate of origin and all diamonds used by Wellendorff are subject to the "Kimberley Process." With this process, each step from digging in the original mine through to cutting and polishing, ethical rules are demanded, practised and checked.

Wellendorff Gold

Wellendorff adheres to sustainability – from the mine to the jeweller. Wellendorff works closely with refinery institutes in Pforzheim and, therefore, always only uses recycled fine metal. This process forbids participating parties from acquiring, processing and/or selling gold from dubious sources or from unethical suppliers.

Wellendorff - Genuine Values