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GENUINE JOY earrings.
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GENUINE JOY earrings.

“Details are not just details – they make the difference.” This is made particularly clear by the 18-karat GENUINE JOY earrings. Intensely coloured Wellendorff cold enamel, diamonds and warm yellow gold create a fascinating symbiosis. And with many refinements from the manufactory, the goldsmiths make sure that the wearer can enjoy her earrings every day – for a lifetime.

The highest quality goldsmithing

The GENUINE JOY earrings combine elegant design with jewellery that’s comfortable to wear. In addition to the low weight, the exact alignment of the centre of gravity is also crucial.
For the hoops to fit perfectly, the magic cubes at the ends are bevelled at an angle of 35 degrees and the earring posts are attached at a right angle to each one. This allows the earrings to be seen in all their glory.
So, which is the left earring and which is the right? Because our hearts beat on the left-hand side of the chest, a small red heart marks the left earring so that they aren’t mixed up and worn in the wrong ears. All these details are an expression of the highest quality, giving the wearer genuine joy.

Perfection down to the very last detail

Wellendorff-cold enamel:
Orange tones
Blue tones
0.304 ct
Special features:
Brilliance of the Sun rope
Brilliance of the Sun rope
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