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A feeling like silk made from gold
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The Wellendorff Rope

The design of the first Wellendorff Rope is now not just part of the company; it's a part of our history: In 1977, after many years of toil, Hanspeter Wellendorff and his goldsmiths created the first rope for his wife Eva, to fulfil her wish for a silky-soft necklace.

Gold as delicate as silk

Behind the fine, delicate appearance, there is solid 18-karat gold that is turned into strong gold wire. Inside each separate strand of gold, the 18-karat “soul” − as it is known in goldsmithing circles − provides the necessary stability while always offering the same unmistakeable flexibility. This is what allows the rope to nestle softly against the wearer's skin – a sensation like golden silk.

The Finest Craftsmanship

Each Wellendorff Rope is still made by hand. This is the only way to ensure that they are entwined evenly, preventing them from getting tangled in your hair. The fastener of a Wellendorff Rope is easy to open, while remaining extremely secure. Thanks to its special shape, it will stay fastened, even if tugged or pulled. Thanks to its timeless appearance, the Wellendorff Rope can be worn every day and for any occasion – complemented by rondels or with an amulet, countless fashion options are possible. Often copied, but never equalled: only the original Wellendorff Rope bears the Diamond W quality seal. A world renowned sign of the highest quality.

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