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The Guardian Angel Engraving
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Guardian Angel Engraving

The guardian angel on the inside of the rings and amulets is a reminder of the deep meaning of jewellery – giving joy and providing protection, assuring the wearer that they are never alone.

Giving Joy and Protection

Feelings and memories, strength and protection: Jewellery is a gift like no other: it keeps the special nature of a treasured memory safe. A personal letter, written by a Wellendorff enthusiast from Latvia, moved the family greatly and inspired them to create the Wellendorff collection "Golden Angel.” In her letter, the woman recounted an unforgettable experience: A massive had fire recently destroyed all of her belongings, even her beloved jewellery. Only one piece of jewellery survived almost unharmed from the flames: her Wellendorff necklace, adorned with a guardian angel. "After this event, the item of jewellery took on quite a different meaning for me, because it demonstrated that miracles happen," she wrote. The Wellendorff family could not get this story out of their heads. It reminded them of the deep meaning of jewellery that extends far beyond its mere material worth: giving joy and protecting.

The Guardian Angel

Since the Wellendorff "Golden Angel" collection, each ring and each amulet contains a little secret: a finely engraved angel on the inside. Protection and love, trust and devotion – all of which are reflected in the small face of the guardian angel. The guardian angel engraved on the inside conveys a message of deep feelings.

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