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Special moments kept in gold
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Genuine Delight

Experiencing Genuine Delight is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. It is precisely this genuine value that we stress with very special symbols:
jewellery creations for eternity that reflect the unique feeling of Genuine Delight. 

Breath-taking moments

Breakfast in the sun with one's nearest and dearest or a breath-taking moment like a marriage proposal by the sea – these are life's perfect moments and experiences, in which everything just simply fits into place, and you wish you could stop time.

Many people ask themselves what Genuine Delight is. It's often nearer than you might think: It lies in small, unique moments of boundless joy that make you want to capture the experience – that feeling of delight − in gold for ever. Never-ending desire for perfection, loving attention to detail and the flair for the noblest of materials are what make the Wellendorff collections messengers for this Genuine Delight, offering joy for a lifetime.

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